Thursday, March 31, 2011

Take your column to work day

Cardigan: Target
Button down: JCPenney
Pants: Target
Tights (unseen): Target
Socks: Walmart
Flats: Banana Republic

This is me telling my vignette to knock it off. It didn't. Oh well, that's why we crop things, right?

I took my pictures at work, post-clock out and pre-changing into riding clothes. No tripod, no straightness and no sexy background, but your only other option is another Sporthorse-esque post plus a baggy sweatshirt so this is it, gang.

It was cold and misty again today, so this morning I put on some tights to insulate my legs while I was riding. Totally worked too! Now I'm watching a horrible American show called Wipeout because I am a terrible person who likes watching people being flung into the air by foam cushioned spring-loaded obstacles.

Yeah you'd laugh too. Tomorrow, y'all!


  1. That top and cardigan go together so very well. I just love white button ups with subtle detailing. They always add the perfect touch to simple outfits. Also, the colors look so nice together.


  2. Thanks Brooke! I always forget about this top sitting in my closet but I'm glad I put it on today, I really like how it looks with the cardigan!

  3. I agree - the whole ensemble looks very polished.
    I kind of dig the whole storage room (?) photo shoot. Especially with the tights. It's almost like you are a super hero. Like you dashed in there to make a quick change into your tights and cape to fight crime.

    Completely unrelated... I've never seen Wipeout but I Googled it and it reminds me of the show Ninja Warrior (Sasuke) It is Japanese I believe but have "warriors" from all over the world - have you ever seen that one? It's kind of addictive. They usually show it on G4.

  4. Thanks Elle! This is actually my department's workroom/office space at work. It's full of AV stuff. Maybe one day you'll get to see the wall coated with wires, cords and microphone stands.

    YES! I remember in college a lot of guys used to crowd around a tv in the campus center and watch Ninja Warrior, sometimes for hours if G4 was having a marathon. I think Ninja Warrior is a little more creative in terms of obstacles, but the commentary on Wipeout is way better. I'll watch either in a pinch though :)