Monday, July 11, 2011

Appropriate questions to ask others

Necklace: Anthro
Cardigan, worn backwards: Target
Belt: Target
Skirt: JCPenney
Wedges: Target

"Did you know your sweater is on backwards?"
Oh! So THAT'S why it was so hard to button it this morning.

"Your belt isn't centered."
Well, it's centered according to two points on my body, just not the ones you're looking at.

"Your hair's kind of messy today, don't you think?"
Well, you know. When you roll straight out of bed into your car, you don't always get the opportunity to preen pre-desk.

"Are you STILL not eating anything coloured?"
Yeah, no, got it, still trying.


  1. Super cute. I should attempt that with cardigans! (they are on sale again this week at Target...)

  2. the questions, more love your--may i say snarkiness--been out of the blogging world as summer vacation has taken over, how is the GRE vocab and studying coming? i think you are going to do great!

  3. (People didn't *actually* ask you those things, did they? Sometimes Southerners can be pretty snoopy...)

  4. Brooke: Yes yes yes! I highly recommend it especially if your chest isn't too large--mine is small so it doesn't stretch out the cotton any, but even if you are well endowed I think washing it and reshaping/air drying will do the trick. I'm trying to cut down on my shopping so no Target cardigans for me this week but I loved the patterned ones that were in this week's circular! & unfortunately those questions were all asked today. Two by coworkers, two by patrons! I survive by telling myself they mean well.

    Aleisha: Thank you! I didn't actually respond in kind but I sure wanted to. My GRE study is slow but steady as the date draws near. I need to take some practice tests though! I hope it's not too hot where you are :)

  5. I love this outfit! I love the yellow and the black and white! I also happen to really dig the messy hair look. People never stuff to me even when my hair is completely jacked up (even if unintentionally). Ever go to the bathroom and suddenly realize in horror - I wonder how long I've looked like this?

    I keep missing the Everybody stuff - when do those come out?

  6. Thanks Elle! My hair doesn't really do messy very well (it's too thick/oily) but I wanted to try this hairstyle. I don't think I did it QUITE right but I like how it turned out! And I do that all the time. I scare myself on the daily wondering why I look like I just rolled out of a cave.

    EBEW goes out every month! Second Tuesday of the month, though you can submit outfits from your archives too.