Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Explain it away

Scarf: H&M
Top shirt: JCPenney
Bottom shirt: Anthro
Pants: JCPenney
Wedges: Target

Today I came to the realisation that I am not having as easy a time with this 30 for 30 as I did with my previous (also first) 30 for 30. A few reasons:

a) I took some breaks. I slacked a little on vacation, I've slacked on weekends, and I was sick last week. First time around I powered through, 30 days in a row, no breaks. Good for my psyche? No. Good for my pride? Yes.

b) Maybe my 30 picks aren't as great together as I thought. There is admittedly a lot more colour and pattern this time around because it's summer and I felt more confident. But not all my patterns play well together, so I've been stumped with some items (namely my red polka dot shirt) and how to style them in a way that is me. I like to think I'm an advanced pattern mixer but colour me flustered by my set.

c) It's hot. Y'all. It was 101 today. It's supposed to be 98 tomorrow. I say this every year but I can't believe the oppressive heat we're experiencing. And it's not just hot, it's humid. It's very, very hard to style an outfit when you are hot and you just want to plant yourself on the carpet in front of an air conditioner with a water ice and a copy of Washingtonian (or In Style, whatever).

d) I'm distracted. Okay, what's happened since 30 for 30 started? Two EBEWs, my curling league restarted, the GRE is looming large in my windshield, I had the stomach...I don't know what, I went to Savannah, Burn Notice came back on tv (THIS IS IMPORTANT)'s been a busy month. That's no excuse but maybe that's why I haven't been as dedicated to my picks as I was the first time around.

All this being said, I'm not giving up. I'm six outfits away. If necessary I will wear jeans and each top for aweek (I'm not but I mean it could happen whatever get off my back gosh!!!!). I'll go into overall in depth 30 for 30 Superanalysis--then I can write it off as GRE writing practice--after I finish, hopefully at the beginning of next week, but for now I'm going to focus on 1) not getting sick again and 2) making these last six outfits as awesome as I can.


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