Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I lied

Necklace: gift from mom
Dress: Anthro
Wedges: Target

I gave up on 30 for 32. Just can't do it. Kelsey's awesome outfit for the Paper Doll Project will still go up tomorrow though!

Today I decided that I'm going to marry the current champion on Jeopardy. Because Mark really knows his water carriers and that's no joke. He also knows all about tv career moves, which is really impressive. Speaking of which, I'm reading Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, and if you're like me and know a lot more about 1980s pop culture than anything else/is healthy & you've watched The World Series of Pop Culture, you will want to read this book when it comes out in August. Immediately. And then you can hang out with me and Mark and we'll talk about John Hughes movies and the They Might Be Giants all night long. If you're lucky I'll pull out the Atari and we'll play Pac-Man!

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