Sunday, July 17, 2011

On scars

Necklace: gift from parents
Cardigan: Target
Belt: Target
Dress: Anthro
Wedges: Target

How do you feel about scars? I have very few, but each one is very important to me for different reasons. For example, I'm very proud to have earned the distinction of being the only person in the History of My College to injure myself using what may be the tamest power tool in the History of Ever. The band saw is an extremely simple tool with a constantly rotating metal strip with teeth on it; it's used to shape pieces of wood when a jigsaw isn't available or the shaping is detailed or irregular. Because of the size of the blade and the general size of items cut, it's very easy to use.

And apparently I'm more street smart than blade smart because one day (about a year after my training on this machine) I was shaping a wooden gavel head and sliced my right middle finger. My theatre professor announced me as one of the greatest failures in the history of stagecraft (though I ended up with a B+ in the class, thanks Prof) and I now have a slender, straight scar on my top knuckle on my right middle finger to show for it. It's so easy to miss if you don't look for it. I'll know I've found the love of my life because he'll know the stories of all my scars. (And because of other things too.)

I'm listening to a book called Little Bee right now and the main character explains how I feel about scars very aptly--they are symbols of survival and beauty, as they do not grow on the dead, only the living. They belong to storytellers and are reasons to remember, not to forget. And certainly our scars may bring painful memories--Tina Fey's scar across her face, the scar down my back--but they are also important reminders of survival and healing. They note things taken away, but also things given to us. So I embrace my scars and love them because they are my stories and they are always with me.

Is your relationship with scars good or bad?

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