Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Down at the b&p

Top: Gap
Skirt: Gap
Wedges: Target

Another pink, white and black outfit brought to you by my closet. Don't expect this trend to continue but I do like that colour combo. It's pretty classic, and I've worn the combo before, though considering how many black skirts I own, black and pink was bound to happen. A lot.

You know what's difficult? The shoulder panels of this shirt are mesh, and my only strapless bra is black. So I went without a bra. That's a lie, I wore a bra and a nude cami and dealt with the straps. But note to self: when I get paid, I'm buying a nude strapless bra so I can wear this shirt--and more importantly so I can wear neon mesh skintight strapless tops more often in my life. Sexy, right? Look for my first one the week after never.

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