Thursday, September 8, 2011

The art of being backward

Necklace, lengthened: Anthropologie
Cardigan: Target
Dress, worn backward: Target
Belt: Target
Heels: Nine West

I warned you that eventually I was going to wear this dress backward. Fortunately for us all, it looks good this way. We know cardigans and some dresses both work in reverse, but what about pants? Probably not pants. How awkward would that be? Now, looking at my closet, mostly tops spring forward as wearable items when worn backward. The bras definitely don't though (just fyi).

Today's outfit was described as "charming" by an equally charming gay man at work; I can't say I'm pulling off my team spirit well, but as an Eagles fan I can say my outfit is representative of the backward stance of cheering for the Saints tonight. I am so, so ready for some football. I've decided that should my fantasy football teams (Team of the d'Urbervilles and The Team Also Rises) have team colours, they will be pink, navy and gray. Perfect! I am ready to kick off my season backward, in style, and secure in the knowledge that we're all undefeated, at least until tomorrow.

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