Sunday, September 18, 2011

A promise this way

Top: Anthropologie
Skirt: handmade, pattern Simplicity 2512
Booties: Enzo Angiolini

On Monday I'll tell you all about the insanity of my weekend, but I really want to get serious for a hot second and discuss the Anthroholic scandal. Because it's important to clarify, contemplate, and learn from the situation. I've never had any interactions with Anthroholic, aside from being a reader and being in her Anthro reader outfits compilations a couple times.

First, I'm appalled. I honestly can't believe that someone with enough clout to be popular in the Anthro blogging world (a tiny but devoted one) could be so scheming, but as time goes by and more women come forward it's becoming clearer and clearer that in all likelihood, Kim knowingly took money without rendering her services valid and, as my friend A. said, essentially used others as a line of credit. I don't feel bad for her or pity her situation, especially as it has happened before; I feel terribly for the women (and men!) she misled who had to spend so much time and money to receive nothing but lies and denial in return. (No one loses 50+ emails. No one.)

But beyond that, something deeper cut into me as I watched from the sidelines as this disaster unfolded. Reading the comments, hearing how much money was lost and how many people were fooled, I (and A.) realised that we were all conned, not just the people who used the service. We were all tricked into believing things were normal and honest with Kim, and things really weren't. At all. For some reason I started to feel like burning my clothes and never setting foot inside a store again. The pursuit of pretty things has ruined Kim's reputation, it has crushed the Anthro blogging community, it has taken away a delicate balance of trust. Before this came to light, I had planned to order a couple bottles of my currently hard-to-find shampoo, and days later, I still haven't. I don't know why but I can't pull the trigger. It's like I'm suddenly over shopping, even when it comes to shampoo. Because do I really need special dandruff shampoo? (Okay, yeah, I do. Good point.) The only thing I've bought in the last week aside form food and gas is a disposable camera for a local art project.

Introspection after this issue overwhelmingly & explosively unfolded led me to realise that I shop too much. I do, I really do. I recently purged my closet (and I should've offered my clothing to whomever wanted it here before donating it to Goodwill! Duh, next time) and got rid of over 30 items I didn't wear, didn't like, didn't fit, didn't want, etc. But that's really not enough. I have a closet, I have a lot of clothing. I don't need much more to make it complete.

So for the rest of the year, I'm taking a vow to buy only the following things, which are the only things left on my list for a complete closet, which would be equivalent to two items per month:

    Black long sleeve knit/sweater turtleneck
    Cream skirt
    Red skirt
    18" gold chain
    Tie-neck blouse

And if it's not on this list, I don't need it. It's unnecessary. Just because I like something doesn't mean I need it. If I miss EBEW because I don't own an item, so be it. (This doesn't include clothing "emergencies", eg. needing a suit for a job interview or presentation. I don't plan on this happening though.) I have many pretty things and rather than focusing on that, I can focus on so many other things. I'll save time not looking at my Anthro wishlist, not sweeping all the online stores for whatever, not constantly on the lookout for the next pretty thing. I have enough going on in my life (grad school apps, curling, riding, working) that not being distracted my shopping will be good for me. This list doesn't include handmade items, but maybe I'll make a handmade red skirt and I can cross that off the list.

It's time to take a stand against myself, and here is where it starts. This outfit underscores that--my final purchase from Anthro for the year, this top (which I admittedly love and is amazingly comfortable & cute); my skirt, another handmade concoction that I love and cost a total of $19 to make; and my boots, which are ushering in a new season (fall, at least for now) and a new concept of style and how it operates in my life. Trim the fat, find the essentials, and move on.

Let's do it. And by let's, I mean me. You do whatever you want! But please, tell me what you think about the Anthroholic ordeal. Did you know about it? Has it changed how you look at shopping?

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