Monday, September 19, 2011

Feelin' slick

Necklaces: JCPenney
Top: Target
Belt: Target
Skirt: thrifted
Wedges: Target

Forget about all that seriousness from my last post and let's get back to the silliness of my life, shall we? Over the weekend I was crazy busy drinking three whole beers and getting seared by the sun at the Auburn-Clemson football game. Amazing. I and fortunate that my makeup covered my sunburn, because there is a stripe across my hairline (?!) that is so burnt, as well as my nose and chest. My chest feels like this right now, and every time I bend it hurts. It's great!

My coworker P. is having epic leg envy of me. She loves the "even tone" of my calves and she's always asking if I'm wearing hose. Hose? Really? Does that stuff even still exist? And now she wants to know how she can get shiny model legs. So we Googled it. I always wondered myself how I too could have shiny legs, and good news: baby oil. Because I really want to grease up my stems and be leaving oil marks on everything. Oh, the tough sacrifices I'll have to make to look like Barbie. Bleaching my hair out and having cornea transplants will be easy, but slip sliding all over with my model legs will NOT.

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