Monday, September 12, 2011

Thanks for the positive reinforcement

Top: Anthropologie
Skirt: JCPenney
Wedges: Target

Sometimes a plain outfit is what I need. I thought this was pretty plain--skirt, shoes, top, no accessories and very rare lack of pizzazz--but for some reason it still caused the following exchange to occur between myself and a regular patron this afternoon:

"Miss Jessica?"
"I just have to tell you something, and I hope this isn't strange, but you just dress so lovely!"
"Oh, thank you, Mr. A!"
"You know, that striped dress and pink sweater you wore last was such an odd combination, but it worked!"
"Umm, thanks!"
"I was talking to A. (coworker of mine) upstairs, you know her, right? I said, you bigger girls, you don't have a problem showing your curves, and I like that! You really know how to dress in a flattering way, and you always look so together."

Well, there you go. Obviously the man has not seen me fresh out of bed in the morning because I'm about as far from together or lovely as humanly possible.
Also, above is my first ever competitive curling pin. I received it for playing against (and winning!) PCC, which is pretty amazing. It was a great time and I'm thrilled that we performed extremely well. Yay!

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