Sunday, September 25, 2011

Et tu, Phaedra?

Top: JCPenney
Cords: LL Bean
Boots: Target

As a Latin major in college (read: BIG NERD), I keep up to date with a lot of the mythology spoofs and adaptations that come out, both in book and movie form. So I guess I was kind of surprised to see the trailer for Immortals during football tonight. I've never heard of it, and now I'm disappointed in myself for not keeping better tabs on all this whatnot.

And then I remember Troy and Clash of the Titans and how badly both those movies sucked. Come on, Troy, the Trojan War was seven years long, not seven days. I'm writing a letter. And I decide that it's okay for me to probably not see Immortals after all. I'd rather see The Ides of March (totally not about Julius Caesar, as it turns out) instead.

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