Sunday, February 20, 2011


Necklace: estate sale (same one as where we got the chair)
Cardigan: Target
Tank (unseen): Walmart
Belt: Walmart
Jeans: American Eagle
Flats: Banana Republic

Oh brother. If I thought I was sore yesterday, I should have waited until today to piss and moan because I am a lumpy mass of overworked and underused purple and green tissue right now. The effort involved in me bending 90 degrees at the waist while remaining upright for this picture was considerable.

On the bright side, my dog didn't laugh at me, she just looked at me with her eternally-confused-but-disinterested gaze. Maybe she's staring at my hair, which is getting a bit long. Is that a hint, Ellie? Fine! Maybe I'll get a haircut next week! Way to pull my leg.

See you tomorrow.


  1. Amazing cardigan as always and a super adorable dog!

  2. Thank you Brooke! Ellie makes a pretty good shadow most of the time :)