Thursday, February 17, 2011


Sweater: Kohl's
Button down: JCPenney
Pants: Target
Boots: Target

I swiped a page out of Monkeyface's book today and I hunted down an outdoor, nonindustrial site for pictures. Which happens to be on the property where I live. I guess I don't have to worry about people watching me taking pictures of myself, right? You'll see this dock again. Maybe from the topside if you're good.

Knowing South Carolina in February, you would think my 30 for 30 would include some lightweight clothing. Well, um. I kind of used up all my warm weather clothing on most of this week and today the options were sweater, sweater, long sleeve shirt, and sweater. So, you know, I went for the sweater. AND the long sleeve shirt because I cannot take a hint from the weatherman. On the bright side, I was totally warm and comfortable at my work desk, which is notorious for being positioned directly under a vent. And for being a library, which is legally required to be freezing. It worked out.

Note to self: do laundry. It's supposed to be 75F in Cardiganland tomorrow! We'll see how I survive then.


  1. I love your beautiful sweater!! And SUPER JEALOUS you've got that locale right in your backyard. Also once again I'm mesmerized by the shoe shot.

  2. Thanks Monkeyface! I wanted to do pictures on the dock, but I can't get up there because there's a tree growing right through the entry. I'm going to have to find a way to swing myself up there.