Sunday, February 13, 2011


Necklace: handmade
Cardigan: Target
Top: Anthropologie
Skirt: JCPenney
Tights: American Apparel
Wedges: Target

The quality on these pictures isn't very good, I'm afraid, but it gets the point across. By the time I got out of work the sun was well on its way down for the night and it was quite windy, but I was able to find a good spot for pictures. Thanks to the only "skyscraper" in my city for providing a backdrop and additional light!

My boss saw me today and said "today I give your blog five stars!" And my mom saw me today and said "I think I like your outfits better when you only have 30 things to wear!" Votes of confidence across the board, people. We'll see if I get any votes tomorrow. (probably not)


  1. Do you use the self timer on your camera or have someone shoot you? I'm trying to figure this all out. :)

  2. Oh and the tights are A-MAZING!

  3. This is a great outfit and those tight are fantastic!

  4. Thank you both! These tights are A+. In the back of my head I'm always thinking about another pair in a different colour, but usually my money sadly goes to other things.

    Meghan, I use a timer. I'd love a remote, but after scouring the ends of the earth/internet I'm pretty sure a remote isn't made for my camera. I also don't have a tripod (that's on my birthday list though!) so usually I use the roof of my car or a bench/wall, etc. for balancing the camera. If I'm lucky, my mom or coworker will snap some shots for me but I think I like taking pictures myself better!

  5. Very cute outfit, and the tights take it to awesome!

  6. Thank you Brooke! I think the pop of blue is what does it.

  7. Love those tights!

  8. I don't know what it is but I agree that the outfits are better (also for me). Maybe we get forced to be more creative? For me it's always a challenge to take good pictures. The sun is rarely shining in Holland. The weather is very whimsical. I think you did great. I got a tripod but I'm still figuring out how-to make the best of it all.

  9. Thank you Alana! & Mode Plus I hope the sun comes out soon! I hate taking pictures of my outfit when it's cloudy because it doesn't feel as good. I do like the creativity that 30 for 30 has given me but I think 30 days will be enough :)