Saturday, February 26, 2011

Quinque et viginti

Top: Anthropologie
White tee: Target
Belt: Walmart
Jeans: American Eagle
Socks: Walmart
Wedges: Target

Well, I did have the wise idea to take my memory card out of my camera and put it in my mom's camera to import the pictures. So yay for that! Right now there are three major problems with my camera, two of which I think can be fixed.

1. There is a loud mechanical buzz emanating from the right side of my camera, in the grip area. I'm not sure what it is but I've found that beating the grip against my hand stops the buzz. THEREFORE something must be loose! I'm sure if I beat it into submission it'll work. And then I'll be taken to jail because that is never, ever right, so I'm just going to take it to a camera shop and see if they can find the source.

2. My camera isn't going into preview mode, which means I can't import pictures. I think this will be fixed if the source of the buzz is fixed. Ha! I just hit the grip until the buzz stopped and it allowed me to enter preview mode and open the importer. So there's really only one step to fix.

Here's what I don't think can be fixed:

3. There is vignette at the bottom of each photo I take. I'm pretty sure that when camera met concrete the lens was banged out of place. This is something I've decided I can live with--cropping's a pain, sure, but I do it on most of my photos anyway and honestly, I kind of like the effect--it's not big or distracting and actually, three photos after the photo below, the lens seems to have readjusted itself some. I'd like it better if it were on the top too, but for now whatever I'll deal with it I just want my camera to operate :(

I feel triply bad because my parents gave me this camera for my birthday last year. I've been using it for eight months! After I get paid and deal with my bills, step one next week is buying a tripod because this is not allowed to happen again. I would have been absolutely crushed if this had happened to my film SLR--another camera my parents gave me.

See y'all tomorrow? I hope so anyway!

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