Tuesday, February 8, 2011


(I was holding Tic Tacs)

Locket: family heirloom
Cardigan: Target
Top: Anthropologie
Skirt: JCPenney
White tights: We Love Colors
Black tights: Target
Wedges: Target

Yeah, I drove eight hours in this outfit. Minus the shoes, because I couldn't sensibly drive my car eight hours in wedges. I rolled into town with day three hair, 2 gallons of gas in my tank (I MADE IT ON ONE TANK, PEOPLE), and a ton of Wawa lemonade tea, and as soon as my mom saw me, she said "looking busy!" I don't think it looks all THAT busy, do you? One of my Lessons Learned from Stacy and Clinton is that mixing patterns is cool if they're in the same colour scheme. Stacy and Clinton can't be wrong, can they?

These black tights are a pain in the tail to get on though, I've ripped them in three places already. At the very least I do love how my legs look in them.

Don't forget to wear a blazer tomorrow! I'll be wearing mine and I can't to see how everyone styles themselves--especially since I'm kind of having a hard time incorporating a blazer myself. I'll see you then!


  1. I'm also having a hard time with tights. No matter the price I keep getting holes in them. I do like your pattern.

  2. Me too. I try so hard to avoid bumping into anything when I wear tights but with some pairs it seems like even pulling them onto my legs tears holes in them! & thank you :)