Monday, February 14, 2011


Necklace: Target
Top: Anthropologie
Pants: JCPenney
Socks: Walmart
Flats: Banana Republic

I talked my coworker T. into taking outfit pictures for me today at lunch (thanks T!), mostly because it would have been too dark to take pictures when I got out of work.

This outfit's pretty simple and/or boring and shockingly, this is the first time my beloved black sailor pants have made an appearance in my 30 for 30! I guess that's a good sign? I'm sure these pants will reappear a few times in the next sixteen days.

Since it's Valentine's Day, I thought I'd maybe show you my valentine. Sound good?!

My valentine is 26 years old (& I'm 24) and is originally from South Carolina. He already has gray hair but I think it looks good on him. He's the same height as me and over the years we've fought a lot but it's brought us closer, I think. He's really accident prone--one time he managed to fall through a wire fence and slice his ankle open! We met when I was 13 and I can't believe how much we've been through together and how far we've come. He's a bit camera shy but I was able to talk him into a picture with me!

This is my horse, Jehossee. The last 11 years with him have been a mammoth battle between us for the boss in our working relationship, but he's taught me an incredible amount since I started riding him. Jehossee used to be a crabby horse with little patience, but after many years I was able to cultivate a great understanding with him. Rehabbing him after 3 years of no work and figuring out how to ride him was a massive challenge, but by the time he finished his riding career we had successfully exhibited in some local shows. I was blissfully lucky to be given ownership of him four months before moving to South Carolina, and now he is happily retired. I love him with all my heart, even when he decides I'm not worth his time. He's the best valentine I could ask for.

I hope you're all able to spend lots of time with whomever or whatever you love today! I'll see you tomorrow.


  1. The same height as you, HAHAHA. You guys are quite a pair. I think he's beautiful!

    And again, I want this location. AND your Anthro top.

  2. We are totally the same height...unless he lifts his head up in the air. Then I've been beat. & thank you, he's the apple of my eye :)

    How about I trade you some of my abandoned factories for some of your bushes and moss? I'll even throw in half of my Anthro top.