Saturday, February 19, 2011


Ok, here's the deal.

Because of this:

You are seeing this:

Top: Target | Jeans: American Eagle | Socks: Walmart | Flats: Target

Which wasn't part of this:


But is now because IT WAS HOT OUT TODAY. There is no end in sight here in Cardiganland--temps in the mid to upper 60s all next week--and I had to make a concession. This white shirt is now replacing my sweater dress from Boden as my 30th piece. I think this is okay/allowable because we're on day 18 now and I still haven't worn that dress. Also a sweater dress in 65 degree weather is not happening, no matter how cold it is at work. So tell me I'm breaking the rules or whatever but if I'm not mistaken the first law in Cardiganland states that rules are meant to be broken.

Sorry y'all! I promise I'll try to wear something 30 for 30 appropriate tomorrow.

Please don't hate me


  1. I always save up blogposts in a bulk so I can read it all at once. At the end I'm not sure where to put a comment, being I jus saw 5 OOTD in a row. Well, if you're being "hated" for flexing the rules. Than I'm a bit concerned about my own :) You're consistent in posting and the outfits. You're a regular that I visit for I know you came up with a remix. You're doing awesome. xx Remix Rookie

  2. Aww Mode Plus thank you! I'm trying my hardest to not cop out at some point, though it's a little easier with my coworkers constantly on me, making sure I'm staying within my 30 and asking where I take my pictures. It helps to have support! & I think you're doing great. Don't give up!