Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wear*It Wednesday: Graphic Tee Edition

It's time for Wear*It Wednesday! I am so, so excited, you guys. Everyone in this post looks so stinking stylish. Here we go!

Mandy of Juggling Chic is up first, and doesn't she look awesome? I can totally see her walking down the streets of Nashville in this outfit. (That's a compliment, I swear!)

Next is Salazar from 14 Shades of Grey. Between the outfit and the backdrop--I'm just amazed. Her photography is so pretty, and she is too. And her shirt is adorable!

Hilary of Young and Naive is a newcomer to WIW and she knocked it out of the park, don't you think? I mean, I'm a fan of the Black Keys anyway so I'm partial, but the hat and cardigan? Adorable.

Rebekah of From the Mixed-Up Files says that this outfit would fit in at her church since there are quite a few Packers jerseys spotted in the pews on Sundays. Well, boo Packers but yay for this outfit! Pink/white/blue is a great upgrade on the classic red/white/blue I've been fighting with.

Rachel basically invented WIW so of course she's going to do it too. And of course she's going to look awesome. She recently revamped her blog, For the Birds, but no matter what she calls it, it's still thrifting gloriousness.

Look. At. This. Blazer. BiblioMOMia has found essentially the best blazer in the world and I am so glad she shared it! & her shirt is from Out of Print Clothing, which specializes in putting book covers on shirts. Awesome! is joining the WIW fun for the first time too, and I'm thrilled to have her! If this purple tee & these boots are any indication, we're in for some very cool outfits.

Jackie of Made with Love by Jackie B. is pulling off the most perfect Parisian vibe with this outfit. I love the high waisted skirt with the sandals. She looks so pretty!

Last but not least, here's my outfit. It was freezing when I woke up today and it has stayed that way but I refuse to let The Man get me down! I love this top--I ordered it from a menswear clompany because I liked the design so much.

Cardigan: Target | Tee: CXXVI Clothing | Bracelet: Target | Skirt: Walmart | Tights: Target | Socks: Target | Boots: Target

I want to thank you all for your participation. You've made this such a huge success and you've made me crazy happy in the process! How I feel is photographed below. Thanks K. for photographing me and I hope you all enjoy this post as much as I enjoyed making it!

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