Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Generally lacking in moral dignity

Coat: Target
Dress: eShakti
Tights: Target
Boots: Target

The clock is ticking, you guys! Graphic tee Wear*It Wednesday lands tomorrow! Get a camera and send me those pics!

Otherwise, here's me going about honestly buying and wearing a dress from eShakti. No blogger incentives, no bonuses for my review, just me thinking this dress was cute and buying it (albeit with a code from Fab Finds under $50 so I saved $20). I usually am pretty wary of anything that involves giving my measurements, and doubly so with eShakti since I've heard very mixed things about their tailoring and customer service. But now that it's on and around me, I can say I'm extremely pleased--the dress fits like a charm, and it's very beautifully made (and pockets!). Of course, the pitfall of this is that the company is based in India--I have nothing personal against India (Indians need to work too!), but I live in a part of the country that was heavily negatively impacted by the loss of textile companies to outsourced employment, and buying this dress was a somewhat hard pill for me to swallow morally once I knew it was coming from India. I'm generally not a heavily morally upright person--I'm loose of lip to say the least--but this involved some internal conflict. Obviously I ended up buying the dress and I'm happy with the end result, but if you're not thrilled with outsourcing (or wholly against imported clothing) you may want to look elsewhere.

But for me, it's hard to beat anywhere that sells dresses for plus and straight sizes, especially when they include custom sizing for $7.50. That's kind of a big deal for my huge arms and proportionally-challenged chest. So overall, the pros outweigh the cons this time around! I'd like to get this dress next--perfect summer living on a houseboat kind of dress. This may or may not be my plan for summer vacation. Don't steal my idea ok? Or if you do, at least book your time on the houseboat after me.

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