Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November wish list

Wish list is baaaaaaaaack! Is it really November already?

This dress from Shabby Apple is to die for. I might possibly ask for it for Christmas--I love the combo of the pastel with the amazing teal. And it is definitely the right cut for my body--because if there's one thing I need it's to bold and underline the fact that yes, I have crazy hips. I want to go to there.

I need a new winter coat. This is for real--I discussed winter coats earlier this year and much as I love that ivory coat, it is not as warm as it once was and it is very old (we're talking five years here people). I have struggled with finding coats that fit my arms, but I recently tried on this coat at JCPenney and I died. It fits! My arms! WITH A CARDIGAN ON! WHILE DRIVING! (I mean, I didn't take it out of the store or anything but I did sit down and pretend.) I especially love the yellow, but I'm trying to hold out for a supersale or at least some coupons (because you know JCP is all about the coupons).

We own this at the library, but I wouldn't mind a subscription to The Atlantic. I mentioned reading Kate Bolick's cover story last week in conjunction with reading The Marriage Plot and reflecting upon my existence as a single 20something woman living in a geographical region where marrying early is considered a social norm. I could go on and on about marriage but the point of this is that after reading All the Single Ladies, I went back and read the rest of the magazine and was really impressed. I want more!

It's football season, and I love it. I live for football. Every summer I wait on bended knee for the start of training camp, the fantasy football drafts (I usually have two or three teams), the opening kickoffs and the return of Sportscenter to normalcy instead of All That Stupid Baseball. But for all my love and devotion to football, all the hours spent poring over stats and watching and frustration when the Eagles inevitably don't win the Super Bowl again, I've never actually owned a football. I played powderpuff football in college & once I played center, and that's about as much interaction I've ever had with a football (because do I look like a ball handler to you? I'm such a lineman). Now that baby L. is around it's my job as head aunt to teach him football, and I'm going to need one to do that. It's time.

What do you think? Anything on your wish list for this month?

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