Wednesday, November 23, 2011

On graphic tees

Next Wednesday my first time hosting Rachel's amazing weekly feature, called Wear*It Wednesday. I'm featured on Matters of Merrymaking today wearing a tunic! Don't ask me what a tunic is though because I'm still not sure I get it. Anyway, the concept is like a mini-EBEW, where each week is assigned an item of clothing and style bloggers submit their looks to another blogger, who hosts that week. The hostess gets to pick the theme, and I'll admit I kind of jumped in without knowing what my item was going to be. Fortunately a flash in a pan/laundry basket it brought me an idea: how about that graphic tee lumped at the bottom of the pile?

I'll admit it. I own a ton of graphic tees and I wear them a LOT. They're rarely seen on this blog because they're normally not allowed where I work, which is totally understandable. Graphic tees can be a pretty loaded issue, because they can cause strife, insult others who don't agree with your shirt's statement, or seem entirely immature. This is rare, but you wear a shirt with strategically placed shamrocks and you're bound to receive some looks.

I know you've been desperate to see some shots of me in college, and I've been equally desperate to share them with you, so here we go. This was quite honestly my college uniform--one of a rotating cast of 30 graphic tees from Threadless, a pair of jeans from American Eagle, and my trusty black Vans. Every. Single. Day. Sometimes I'd throw on one of two cardigans and that would be a fancy day--if I had a presentation to give, most likely, or a meeting with my adviser. Often, though, my classmates learned something from my shirts: a) that I was a walking billboard for Threadless, and b) that I had Whimsy and Vibrance. Or at the very least I had to have some sort of personality.

The point here is that throughout my life, I've spent a lot of time expressing myself through graphic tees. Even today, when we were allowed to wear our team colours at work to "celebrate" the Palmetto Bowl (I'm sorry but Army-Navy is really the big deal, not Clemson-Carolina), I bucked the trend by dusting off my Invincible/Eagles shirt from Philavania. I wish I could wear it everyday but I won't because that's overkill.

So here's the deal. Since I'm off all weekend, how about some outfits involving graphic tees? And then you can take all of the little you've learned from my styling my graphic tees and you can style your own graphic tees and email picture of them to me at animatedcardigan at I'll be featuring them ALL on the 30th to celebrate the...uh...end of November. So dig out that college shirt proclaiming your love for the local bar or your English department and join me!

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