Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Woman Walking in an Exotic Forest, by Henri Rousseau
1905, oil on canvas

Naïve art is a legit form of art, despite its name. Reaching its height mostly in the early 1900s but still active today, naïve art looks a little like something you would paint when you were 12--but I dare you to try it, and you'll realise it's hard as hell to emulate. Henri Rousseau is a master of the form, and often his artwork incorporates hidden animals in the jungle. I don't think this one has any, but just Google him. His paintings are like puzzles.

So SIA! This week! Send your photos to Salazar by the evening of Monday, July 1st. Oh my god, it's almost July. Good heavens. Enjoy this inspiration! It's a fun one!

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