Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Top: Gap Outlet | Skirt: JCPenney | Flats: Gap Outlet

At Mary Washington, receiving a class ring was Kind Of A Big Deal. I guess it was one of those college traditions you always thought were cool in high school but were actually just normal in real life. There was a rehearsal, a traipsing across the stage, a wooden box that closes with a snap. What I remember most about first looking at my class ring, and what still makes it important to me, is the stone--it's the birthstone for September. The month in which my grandfather was born. I recently started wearing it again, and was surprised to note that after a couple of days, it feels weird to go without it. The ring was originally sized for the middle finger on my left hand but the summer humidity and heat means it fits perfectly on my left ring finger. How apt. I am, after all, married to my student loan.

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