Thursday, April 5, 2012

No funnel

My apologies for no outfit pictures today. I considered taking some, but then a tornado cell nearly hit our property so I was busy taking breakables in the house and stashing neighbours in the living room and praying to whatever being might possibly exist to please let this storm pass us. Thankfully, it did, and as absolutely terrifying as it was, it's now a fascinating thing. Once I was certain the storm would stay north of us, I grabbed my camera and took a billion pictures. And a video! I thought I'd share so you too can witness what it feels like to be Kirsten Dunst at the end of Melancholia.

I seriously felt ill watching the storm swirl and move around above me. We've had some close calls before (and a case of horizontal lightning), but this is definitely the closest we've come.

My friend, whose parents lives down the street from me, texted to make sure everything was okay. He told me that on the other side of town, where he lives, the roof on his apartment collapsed from the golf ball size hail that was coming down. I'm so glad he's okay.

The first thing I thought of, of course, was my parents and myself. We live in a solid house with a foundation, and there is a basement hallway leading to my room that has no windows. Most of the cats were inside. Our neighbours, including one with a badly twisted ankle, came to take shelter with us--most of the houses on our street are trailers (very nice ones!), and those are extremely unsafe in the case of a tornado because they have no foundation.

But the horses. What would we do about the horses? My mom and I had actually discussed it a couple weeks ago, and we decided if a tornado ever came our way we would let them out. But just thinking about releasing them into such a dangerous situation (though leaving them in the barn would be just as dangerous, maybe more) made me sick to my stomach. Fortunately, it never came to that.

After all that, a rainbow. Of course!

Your faithful photographer. My mom took this picture, and yes, I am wearing yesterday's shirt (I was taking a nap when I heard my neighbour screaming across the yard that a tornado was coming). Fortunately, everything and everyone is okay, and we're all hoping we never come this close to disaster again.

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