Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Broad Street bully

Necklace: JCPenney | Cardigan: Target | Pants: JCPenney | Flats: Payless

I was at work twice today, so two outfits! I went in really early for a meeting, and it was cooler outside, but by the time I went back around 5, it was way warmer and I couldn't stand pants. So above is my morning outfit, and below is my evening outfit.

Scarf: JCPenney | Sweater: JCPenney | Skirt: JCPenney | Flats: Payless

It is rapidly becoming obvious that these flats are going to become my summer shoes. I may want to consider buying a second pair. Also obvious? The fact that I took outfit pictures for one outfit in two places. I'm not really happy with either "shoot", as it were, but I really liked this outfit. So here it is, in variety of locations! Flyers colours, too, and they're on their way to the playoffs. So go Flyers!

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