Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hungry hungry hippos

Top: Target | Skirt: Banana Republic | Flats: Payless

My coworker S. and I met up today to see The Hunger Games. We read the series around the same time; we work in the same department and are required to read Entertainment Weekly (not that you have to hold a gun to my head) and we've been discussing/analyzing/predicting since they first wrote about the movie version. Every tidbit of info in the magazine, we tore apart with our minds, trying to visualize every bit of the film. What about Madge? Would Cato be as nutjobs in the movie as in the book? How would the Capitol look really? And then we watched, and we were both very pleasantly surprised. I adamantly refused to watch the Harry Potter movies because I thought they would ruin my mental vision of Hogwarts and the characters (though seeing all the trailers accomplished that somewhat), but The Hunger Games visually matched up really well to what I was expecting, which is quite the credit to the creative staff.

But more importantly, my dad called it The Hungry Games two times today. I'm still not sure if he was making a point about dinner or if he was serious.

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