Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Technological wanderlust

Necklace: handmade
Sweater: JCPenney
Pants: JCPenney
Socks: parts unknown
Wedges: Shoe Carnival

Yesterday I took the grand plunge and bought a Macbook! And very similar to when I took my Env2 texting phone to Verizon and upgraded to an iPhone, the trainer who helped me with my data transfer was duly baffled by the sight of my new Macbook (named Schnitzel) and my old IBM Thinkpad (named Parliamentarian) sitting next to each other. It's a bit like night and day--my Thinkpad is an archaic but amazing work of art while the Macbook is sleek and brilliant; think Titian versus Clyfford Still.

As such, despite my owning two computers now, I'm using my mom's new HP because Parliamentarian and Schnitzel are now in lockup at my local Apple Store for a data transfer. The days are rapidly ticking down to the first day of my classes at grad school, and I'm trying to get so many things done! In the beginning of December I was starting to feel like I was singlehandedly keeping the Postal Service afloat, but now I feel like I'm keeping our oil economy healthy, between all the driving from one end of Cardigan;land to the other. I'm such a busy bee, and all for a stinking degree that I'm going to be paying off forever! But it's worth it just to see my two computers in harmony. Best friends forever.

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