Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cut loose

Shirt: Walmart?/hand-me-down from my dad
Top underneath: Target
Jeggings: Old Navy
Boots: Target

Did I ever mention that I went to see Footloose with my coworker T.? Well, I did. We caught it at the dollar theatre (which was $1.50, by the way, such a ripoff!), and I was totally ready for it to suck. I was emotionally prepared to have wasted my hard earned $1.50. But something wonderful happened. It didn't stink! I'm happy to report that it was a pretty faithful remake of a movie that seems difficult to update (who bans dancing anymore???). Also, school bus racing. Seriously.

So today I just on this outfit and thought I could probably be cast as an extra in Footloose wearing this. It's the plaid shirt, no doubt. My dad gave me this shirt because it shrank on the whole, but especially in the sleeves; one day he put it on and the sleeves ended at about mid-forearm. So I took it, and the sleeves are short on me too but unlike my dad I am well verse in the art of rolling my sleeves up, so they stayed there all day. And now I'm going to kick off my Sunday shoes and watch some Downton Abbey because I am nothing if not classy and in love with British period dramas.

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