Thursday, January 5, 2012


I'm currently battling a raunchy cold (like two days out of work sick--glad I have a hundred hours of sick leave!), so here are some Instagram photos from the last week.

For Christmas, my coworker, T., gave me a small nutcracker that she repainted to look like Justin Bieber. I collect nutcrackers (I have at least 20) so minibieb fits right in!

Home sweet Schnitzel!

Water at Trader Joe's. Also known as my most favourite place ever.

The champagne I had for new year's. Also known as the most disgusting holiday beverage ever. (After eggnog.)

This is a first look at a dress I bought at JCPenney on Tuesday. I went to a BIG JCP rather than my local one, and I thought I was going to look hideous in this dress. Turns out I actually want to be buried in it, so you know how that turned out. Illness notwithstanding, I'll be doing an outfit post with it next week!

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