Saturday, January 28, 2012

In a bind

Scarf: Anthropologie
Top: Urban Outfitters
Jeans: Walmart
Boots: Target

One of the great things about being a reader is that you usually amass quite the collection of books. And as a reader, you expect to have a bookshelf to put all your books on, right? Well, not exactly. My bedroom is about the size of my horse's stall (actually less--Indy's stall is 12'x12', my room is like 11'x10'), and for a long time it's been my bed, my dresser and my bedside table, all straight from a little patch of Sweden in North Carolina known as Ikea.

So the time finally came for me to throw some stuff away, move some stuff around, and suddenly I had "room", aka just enough space to stuff a bookshelf of some sort into my room. Off to Ikea my mom and I went, and we found the perfect setup! Two tall and wide glass door covered shelves flanking a narrow DVD shelf. The only problem was that we brought my Volvo, which is an amazing car but is a bit small for a nearly seven foot tall shelving unit. So three hours and one auto change later, we returned to Carolinian Sweden with the family SUV and loaded up five flat and long boxes that I hope will hold my assorted crap. I mean books.

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