Saturday, December 25, 2010

I dedicate this house to the Griswold family Christmas

Today is Christmas!

Necklace: Old Navy
Cardigan: Target
Beaded top: Marshall's
Belt: Target
Pants: JCPenney
Shoes: Shoe Carnival

I've finally set up a separate Flickr account for hosting my clothing photos. I take a lot of pictures but most of them aren't outfit related, and considering the amount of pictures I'm taking for this blog, I should split them up better. Anyway.

This is my Christmas outfit! I wore it last night (sans necklace) to mass, and I liked it so much I rewore it today. I don't think it's a big deal because mass + driving time was about two hours. Originally the plan was to just wear the pants, top and cardigan, but somehow tucking in the top and adding the awesome red belt pulls everything together.

I'm also a big, big fan of the necklace my mom gave me for Christmas! I love the colours and the big black bow to tie it together, and it's the perfect length for the outfit. I see getting a lot of use out of it in the future.

My hair, as usual, did whatever it wanted. Last night for mass it looked fantastic, voluminous without being out of control and wavy to the point of perfection. Then I slept on it and all hell broke loose, so for most of the day it was in a lump at the back of my head. I did take it down for the pictures, though, and it does look pretty good. But between baking and wrapping and cleaning and entertaining, not a lot of time was available to style my hair!

This picture is more for the haze than for my outfit, because the haze is foreboding of a white Christmas, the first in my part of South Carolina in 43 years. Amazing, and quite awesome. I hope you all have a very merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, a lovely Kwanzaa, mildly painful Festivus, or enjoy your winter!

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