Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Earning my stripes

Top: Target
Belt: Target
Skirt: American Apparel
Both pairs of tights: Target
Wedges: Shoe Carnival

This is a near carbon copy of an outfit E. put together last week over at Academichic. She has incredible style and an eye for putting together patterns in an amazing way, and as soon as I saw her outfit I knew I had to steal it.

I have to say, the responses I received about my tights were quite similar to the responses she received. One coworker liked the idea but hated the thought of wearing two pairs of tights when one is "enough of a pain". I can't disagree because tights can be a pain in the tail, especially the patterned tights here. I had a horrible, horrible time getting them on, and eventually had to take them off and put them back on, AND I ended up with a couple holes in this pair, but I still like them enough to put up with it!

Please ignore my lumpy knees! When I was at Target over the weekend I found these red tights in my size. They aren't quite as vibrant as E.'s, but they do the job. I really want now to buy a tights sampler--another 6 pairs of solid coloured tights (including white) and a bunch of patterned tights and fishnets and do a billion different things with them. I think people really underestimate what a weapon tights--and accessories in general--can be.

Here's a close up of the pattern:

I love it. It's simple, but still adds a lot of intrigue to what otherwise would be a plain pair of tights. Though I'm not sure there really is such a thing!

What's your secret weapon?

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