Saturday, December 25, 2010

Bits and bobbins

A friend of mine, A., has mentioned on my Flickr that there are certain things I wear daily that I don't mention as part of my outfit. I thought I would outline them to avoid future confusion!

a) My glasses.

Most likely the second thing I reach for in the morning (after my cell phone/alarm), my glasses are included in most (if not all) of my outfits. My glasses change rarely, though I do have two pairs; I normally wear a pair of burgundy rectangular frames from America's Best, because one pair is free! My second pair is black cat eye frames.

b) My ring.

I got this ring years and years ago at American Eagle. I started wearing it a couple years ago on my right ring finger and I only take it off to shower and bake. I don't know why I wear it so much, but it has left a slight indent in my finger, and my hand feels weird without it. The ring I wear when I'm not wearing the leaf ring is my class ring.

c) A hairtie.

The one I currently use is white, but I permanently have an elastic hairtie either in my hair or on my left wrist. I tend to prime my hairties because if they're too tight they choke my wrist, but if they're too loose they don't hold all my hair. My college roommate used to give me her hairties when they stretched too far for her fine hair, but for my thick beast of a mane, a hairtie with extra elasticity is perfect.

d) Chapstick. This isn't something you can see, but believe me, it's important!

I don't believe there's anything else on a day to day basis that I wear (that you can see, of course). I do wear nail polish quite often and tend to consider it more an accessory than makeup, but if I find my nail polish pertinent to my outfit, I'll of course say so!

Is there anything you wear without fail?

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  1. I still think of you whenever my hairties get too stretched out!