Thursday, January 1, 2015

The year in review

It's 2015! Holy cannoli! I guess I should do some sort of review, right? Everyone does that nowadays. So here we go!

January: my hair was so short, you guys. I also had to regrow the top layer of skin on my lip after I learned the hard way that I was allergic to bananas. I also, on January 1st, officially became a librarian.

February: snow came to Cardiganland, for once. I also started dating my boyfriend. (Whoa!) Oh yeah--I also learned to play Call of Duty. Is this good? Is this bad? I'm really not sure.

March: I spent most of my time at work, getting ready for our first library con & summer reading!

April: I spent quite a bit of time buried under my horses' winter coat, clipping it off his body. And Concert Calendar 2014 started with a bang at an Against Me! concert, and then a whimper when Miley Cyrus cancelled on us.

May: This was one of you guys' all time favourite outfits! Library con was a go, and it was a big hit! (We're already working on 2015!!) Dani sent me a giant box of clothing that changed my style and my life, and I fulfilled a long held dream to see Vampire Weekend live.

June: summer reading commenced, and in short order, I spent a long weekend in New York City for the Governors Ball Music Festival, I had to put our barn cat down (RIP Ziggy), and I spent a week in Vancouver for work (and fun!). The month was a total whirlwind, up and down, but capped off with a Say Anything concert, I can't help but look at June as a good time.

July: America happened, and I wrote about my time in New York, which was a partially overly emotional experience. Summer reading ended, and one of my best friends from work left the library to get her Ph.D. (I miss her, but I'm very proud!)

August: FALL OUT BOY. MILEY CYRUS. NICKEL CREEK. Concert Calendar 2014 kicked into very high gear after summer reading ended, and I got injected directly in the tailbone. I think it's still crying in pain. I also made it a full year without dying my hair!

September: I survived housesitting and DragonCon, the latter for the second year in a row. One of my best friends from college, E., got married, and my boyfriend and I travelled to Virginia Beach for the wedding (and a ton of Wawa trips!). Football season started, finally, which was great--but I ended the month on a bad note, when my doctor broke the news that I was going to need back surgery to correct a recurred disc in my lower back.

October: I survived a ride at the fair and will never do it again. My boss and I presented very successfully at the state library association annual conference, and I went under the knife for a second time. My time in the hospital was comical, but even better, it was worth it: the surgery was a success!

November: I spent most of the month recovering from surgery, watching HGTV with my mom while hopped up on Percoset and working on cross stitching stuff. I went back to work part time a couple weeks before Thanksgiving, which was an ultimately successful endeavour!

December: holidays ahoy! My boyfriend and I travelled to Asheville for lots of Christmas lights, good food, and mountains. I went back a week later with S., L., & M. (see below) for more Christmas lights, and it was awesome. I got a new pair of glasses, so I can still see really well! And the holidays attacked, but it was worth every moment of utter insanity. & my hair has gotten WAY longer since January!

I hope you all had a wonderful 2014. I'm sure I'll talk about 2015 in my next post, but for now, looking back at the year that was: I feel pretty lucky. Aside from putting Ziggy down and having back surgery, 2014 was a pretty stellar year. I survived, and even thrived, in my first year as a librarian, I made some new friends, and snagged an amazing guy. I even used my passport! Parts of me will miss 2014, but I'm looking forward to what 2015 brings.

Happy new year!

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