Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Back down

Necklaces: JCPenney | Cardigan: Target | Dress: Dorothy Perkins via Dani at DIYFATSHION | Belt: Target | Boots: Off Broadway

I can officially check "have a bone directly injected with a needle" of my bucket list! CONGRATULATIONS, SELF.

I've been having some pretty serious tailbone pain over the last couple of months, which originally stems from a fall off a horse in 2007. After sitting on a stupid donut pillow with a plaid cover (but god bless that thing for existing and making my life livable) that clashes with every single thing I have ever worn, I finally broke down and called my orthopedist, who I hold in high regard because he performed the back surgery that took me from mildly crippled to fully operational human being. So I went in this morning without being able to bend over, and after some x-rays to make sure my coccyx is still in one piece (it is! at least there's that), my doctor said he could "cure" me and stepped out to grab a big honking needle, which he and a nurse the proceeded to inject. Directly into my butt. Directly into the bone in my butt.

If you heard screaming around 9:45am EST today, it was me in Cardiganland being injected in the damn bone with an anti-inflammatory. I have a lot of faith that the injection will eventually work (it's going to take a couple of day for the medicine to fully seep in) but I feel now like the epidurals that I've had are a cake walk. It's fascinating how something so tiny--one syringe filled with 60cc of white liquid--can cause so much pain. And hopefully so much relief. At the very least, I have a great bar story.

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