Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Pandora's box

Scarf: J.Crew warehouse | Top: Target | Skirt: eShakti via DIYFATSHION | Wedges: Payless

So I've been on a hunt for a while for someone else--like anyone else my age--who watches Person of Interest. Do any of y'all watch it? It's seriously one of the most underrated shows on television today. But I'm pretty sure that because it airs on CBS, I'm the only one under the age of 45 who watches it. I know a couple of friends' dads who watch it. It had a panel at DragonCon, people! It's good stuff! I need someone to talk to about it, but no one's biting. I've had to resort to the Twitterverse for moral support. At least the 40somethings on Twitter will speculate with me.

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