Thursday, January 23, 2014

So much

Necklace: Anthropologie | Dress: Gap Outlet | Tights: Target | Boots: Target


First of all, I got my remote working! I took it apart and found that a piece of dirt was wedged in there. Cleaned it out, put in the battery, and BOOM. Science!

Second: I have felt kind of gross lately BECAUSE my lower lip has been swollen and crusty and it's been so embarrassing. Before my boss dragged me to CVS and the pharmacist gave me this stuff, I spent three days icing my lip and looking like I'd had botched botox. The lip balm killed the swelling, and for a few days my lips looked almost normal. And then it came BACK. So I've been applying Cortibalm like my life depends on it. My mom heard a news story that swelling lips are on the rise and doctors don't know why so I am just waiting for the moment when i have to cut off my face. That'll make for an interesting blogging experience. It'll be like Monkeyface, but far worse because I can't draw.

Third: This dress is a real step outside my comfort zone. You'd think it wouldn't be, but over the last four years, I have essentially erased from my wardrobe anything that doesn't accentuate the aggressive difference between my waist and my hips. I have worn this dress before with a belt, but I surrendered the waist this time around. I felt like I was walking into work wearing a bag, but I got quite a few compliments and everyone was digging the tights. Holler.

Fourth: Fuck, I just ate a whole bag of baby carrots while writing this post. I'm going to be orange tomorrow. Orange AND crusty lipped. Sexy.

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