Monday, June 23, 2014

Leg room

Top: Boden | Skirt: Target | Belt: Target | Wedges: Target

I had to take two flights each way to get from Cardiganland to Vancouver last week. I like flying--a lot--but it always seems to give me a headache. I have a larger bubble of personal space than most people, and it is very aggressively violated on a plane and in the airport. Anyway, I met a couple of Mormon missionaries while I was walking home from dinner one evening. I'm mostly irreligious (I was raised without structured religion but I was baptized as an Episcopalian after my grandmother got mad at the Pope & I go to mass on Christmas Eve for funsies...and if you want to talk sometime about being irreligious in the Bible Belt, let me know), but I respect everyone for believing what they believe, and Mormons are no different. In fact, I think I have even more respect for the missionaries because they do some really tough work. And the ones I encountered were quite funny! I chatted with one of them for about 20 minutes, and he asked if I would be all right with him saying a prayer for me. I said that was fine, and then they prayed for me to have a safe flight back to Charlotte.

And then the seat next to me was empty on both flights back home.

Those guys...they did me a solid! And I have a really cool picture of them on the street (I promised them I wouldn't put it all over the internet) and most importantly, I'm going to have a great memory. I might not believe the same thing that they do, but I appreciate their making an effort!

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