Saturday, February 23, 2013

Hair today

I thought you all would enjoy a little view into the history of my hair, as told by the numerous cards in my wallet!

So from left to right, little stories about each one:

My casino ID. I worked in a casino when I lived in NJ (in human resources, not on the floor), and my picture was terrible. I mean awful. So I fixed it! I have no idea why I still have this ID, because it's useless.

My college ID. The day I took my photo for my college ID, it was hotter than hell in summer at school. It was my first day on campus as an accepted student and I was really nervous about meeting people. My future neighbour (and still good friend) said that on that first day she was terrified of me and that I looked like a real bitch. The picture conveys that well, I think. I hang onto this ID because it still gets me student discounts at the movies & in museums!

My Biltmore member ID. The Biltmore Estate's a swank place, y'all. My parents and I are all members and take friends/family up there when they haven't gone, because it's a site to behold. They started issuing IDs, and the day I took this picture it was also hotter than hell in summer. Sarah was with me that day. It was good stuff! I think this was my favourite hair ID photo.

My Library of Congress reader card. I have a purpose for this one, it wasn't just for fun. My dad claims that his senior thesis on international trials blahblahblah is in the Library of Congress, because it was original research. Anyone can get an LC reader card if they have research to attend to, and my research was researching my dad's research. So I had the card made. My hair covers so much of me here that I may or may not be naked. (Spoiler alert: my dad's paper is, in fact, at the Library of Congress!)

Last but not least, my debit card. I look weird in this picture and my hair is not in finest form--the lady made me take off my glasses and push back my hair to see my face--but that picture was taken on this day, which was actually a very good hair day indeed.

Curious, isn't it? How I can get so much older, but my hair really stays the same. I wouldn't have it any other wa, though. I love this shrub on my head.

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