Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A fall into autumn

Scarf: gift from parents | Top: J.Crew Outlet | Skirt: JCPenney | Heels: Urban Outfitters

Fall silently and weightlessly draped itself over Cardiganland over the weekend, and the cooler air has brought with it the rapid return of tights and scarves, extra blankets and slippers, bowls of soup and cups of tea. The leaves are changing and the skies are gray--not in a dour, depressing way, but in a silvery almost shimmery relief that casts a slight sheen over everything. The hefty winter reading is being pulled from the corners of the library while the beach reads return to their shelves, quietly waiting for the return of the heat and the beach towels. Yes, guys and dolls, fall is about us, and it's here to stay.

The hell with all that, it's going to be 76 tomorrow.

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