Saturday, December 1, 2012


Here are my official 30x30 volume FOUR picks! (God, this is the fourth time I'm doing this. Isn't the definition of insanity doing the same thing and expecting different results?)

1: J.Crew | 2: JCPenney

3: Anthropologie | 4: J.Crew | 5: J.Crew Outlet

6: J.Crew Outlet | 7: Target | 8: Walmart

9: JCPenney | 10: JCPenney | 11: American Eagle | 12: J.Crew | 13: Target | 14: Steve Jobs?! j/k, my black turtleneck's in the wash

15: Target | 16: Gap | 17: Target

18: JCPenney

19: Ann Taylor Factory Store | 20: J.Crew Outlet | 21: Loft Outlet

22: Target | 23: Target | 24: JCPenney | 25: Ann Taylor Factory Store | 26: Talbots | 27: JCPenney

28: Walmart | 29: JCPenney | 30: JCPenney

There are a few things you might notice here. One is that my camera was being ridiculous. Colours are obviously not true to the screen (none of these photos accurately depicts the colour of my wall! wtf)--I was using my kit lens for these shots and clearly what I got in zoom I lost in colour quality. But you get the point. Also, clothing is very unflattering on the hanger. I don't know how we find anything even the least bit appealing on the hanger before taking it to the fitting room in the first place!

You might also note a theme. Black, white, some green, a little gray. A fleck of gold in that one top. But that's it. There are some old friends (the blazer, the striped Target top, the beloved floral skirt) and some new faces (the polka dot dress, the white pants), but they're all in a fairly set colour scheme. I wanted to try something different for this 30x30, especially since I'm not necessarily going to wear every outfit for a full day; for me, this is going to be more a test of remixing with no reliance on colour.

I'm going to have to use accessories & pattern mixing to set the tone for the outfit most of the time, which is an interesting concept to me and one I haven't delved into very much yet. Nail polish, eyeliner, hair accessories, scarves, tights. That's what I'm going to need so these outfits don't end up looking droll every single day. I'm really, really looking forward to this version of the challenge!

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