Saturday, December 15, 2012


Top: Target | Undershirt: J.Crew | Scarf: parts unknown | Jeans: Walmart | Boots: Target

As humans, we thrive on conflict. It is what pushes us forward, it is what creates ingenuity, it is the impetus for the development of a better society. But yesterday's tragic events go far beyond the simple x vs. y that forces us to become harder, better, faster, and stronger. Conflict, by its nature, is dangerous, treacherous, and true; it is impossible to avoid, and we bring it on ourselves as we strive for more.

I recently read a book whose main character insisted that silver linings are everywhere, and it's only a matter of finding them. I looked deep yesterday seeking that silver lining, and I have yet to find one, aside from considering that it could have been worse. Not much of a silver lining, is it? Let us hope that in the days that come one does emerge, one that is enough to console those who have been devastated at a time where it is the last thing anyone needs.

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