Sunday, December 30, 2012

Break time

I've been sick for the last week, which has just been superb. Christmas was a miserable experience, to say the least, and the days before and after were about equivalent to a few circles of hell.


I'm well on the road to recovery--today was day 6 of this utter nonsense, and while going to work on day 4 was a mistake, I can say now that the only thing that really remains is a persistent cough and a dull throb in my head after each cough.


but that's actually not what this post is about! I had written a post a while back that I never got around to actually posting, because it was all serious and dramatic and omg

(i'm not quitting blogging!)

but I never thought it was the right time to post it. But, well, it's less than a week away now, so here it goes:

My college roommate Sarah and I are driving across the country next month!

This was a really abrupt thing--Sarah was offered her dream job, and she starts January 14th, and this is something we always talked about doing in college, and no time like the present, right?--and suddenly we were planning this major drive across America that starts at my house in Cardiganland and ends in Oakland, California.

We leave on January 3rd (less than a week away!), and I'm flying back on the 14th. Between the 3rd and the 14th, we'll be hitting many major American icons, like Graceland, the Grand Canyon, the Hoover Dam, the Vegas strip, and the Pacific Coast Highway. I've never travelled west of the Mississippi River, and I've never seen the Pacific Ocean, and I'm so, so excited. I haven't travelled internationally very much, but I've been up and down the east coast countless times and I'm really, really, REALLY looking forward to seeing so many new things.

A lot of people throw about the term "once in a lifetime" to justify this, that and the other thing, but this really is a once in a lifetime opportunity for me. I've never had any reason to travel to California, and I've never had much reason to consider visiting the southwest, beyond the typical "oh it would be cool to see the Grand Canyon". The closest I got to ever going to Texas was when my cousin got married in San Antonio, but we didn't go because of the floods that year. Vegas? Well, I grew up in Atlantic City, so been there done that, except I never gambled, clubbed, or did much of anything when I lived there. (I was a kid, after all.) This is quite possibly the best time in my life for me to do this--I'm in my 20s, I'm untethered by anything except my car payment, this entire trip is taking place during my winter break. There really is no excuse.

I'm thrilled Sarah asked me, and I'm thrilled we're going. I won't be updating this blog while I'm on the road, though I plan to stuff in a couple more outfit posts before we take off. You're welcome to follow our exploits on Librarians in Transit, and you can always follow me on Instagram. I'll have a recap post of the major highlights when I return, but for in depth posts, info about our trip and pictures of the cats we're taking with us (no, seriously), add Librarians in Transit to your feed! I'll see you hopefully tomorrow for an outfit or two from my 30x30, which will probably not be complete until the end of January. OOF.

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