Thursday, December 13, 2012


Sweater: American Eagle | Skirt: Talbots | Tights: Target | Flats: Banan Republic

One of the unintended (positive) consequences of this 30x30 is that I am almost always wearing the colours of my beloved Eagles. They're terrible this year, but I love them no matter what. This morning, a patron was wearing a Randall Cunningham jersey, and I wanted so badly to bond with him. A kindred spirit! One who has suffered through the 1990s! He would understand. But then I thought back to the moment during this past staff training day when we learned that some gangs wear Eagles clothing to show their gang affiliation (a real low point for me), and I thought better. I didn't want to make the man think I was crazy by babbling on a bout Duce Staley while he thought I had grown another head.

Whatever. Fly Eagles fly!

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