Friday, November 30, 2012

Here it goes again


30X30 IS BACK!

Dani, Sarah and I got bit by the bug again, so we're doing it. It's my fourth 30x30 and I'm going to be trying to finish before the holidays, so expect some days with two posts. Also, since it's my fourth, I might be shaking things up a bit...

curiosu to join, but wondering what 30x30 is? The plan is to take 30 items in your closet, and wear only those items for 30 outfits. Not all at once, mind you. (Though that would be very warm.) Kendi's original 30x30 involved shoes as part of the picks, but Dani, Sarah and I prefer to consider shoes as accessories, which don't count toward the final total. Coats, necklaces, scarves, mittens, tights, camisoles...none of this stuff counts toward the 30 items you wear. Skirts, cardigans, pants, sweaters? Part of the 30. Got it? Good.

I also want to stress that you can take your time. I'm rushing through this 30 because I'll be living out of a suitcase for half of January (more on that later!), and I don't want to not get done until February. But really? There's actually nothing wrong with that. It's the holidays, we're all crazy busy, and btw did you guys know it's also finals time? Oy, why are we doing this again right now?

Because we got bit by the bug. That's why.

So tomorrow, keep an eye out for my picks, as well as those of Dani and Sarah, and then we'll have liftoff!

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