Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hair of the horse

Necklace: gift | Top: Target | Belt: JCPenney | Skirt: Gap | Wedges: Payless | Nails: butter London Bossy Boots | Toes: butter London Blagger

The weather in Cardiganland has gone from "well this is nice" to "OH GOD TURN ON THE AIR CONDITIONER" in about two days. Admittedly, spring lasts for about three weeks here, but this is worse than usual. As such, my horse hasn't quite caught up to the weather, and his thick winter coat, while speedily falling out, is still leaving him sweaty and hot all day. Since he's nearly 26 and doesn't operate at top speed anymore, I thought I'd help the process along with a shedding blade, combing out as much hair as possible. And I was rewarded with quite literally a bucket of hair. Tomorrow I am breaking out the big guns and clipping his coat so he isn't overheated during the day. So if you hear about a young woman living in the south who drowned in a sea of horsehair, you'll know it was me, and that I loved you all very dearly.

That's my mom!

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