Thursday, March 8, 2012

Spring awakening

Necklace: gift from parents | Cardigan: Target | Top: J.Crew | Skirt: JCPenney | Wedges: Payless | Toes: butter London Lady Muck

Being a transplant to the south from the north has been a major change, even six and a half years later. One thing I'll probably never get over is the fact that things look so different from season to season. I've realized that this is probably mostly because I grew up in a concrete jungle and no matter what the season, I was surrounded by cement and asphalt instead of bark and winter rye, but even in the more rural areas of southern NJ, most of the area had the gently blue tinged green of pine trees, spruces and other evergreens; in the spring, a fine layer of yellow coated everything in sight as pollen was released. In Cardiganland, everything is far different--yellow daffodils nose through the kudzu, white Bradford pears release their delicate petals and their terrible smells, the peach trees explode in a celebration of pink. While the north remains its shades of gray, the dour brown that drapes the countryside down here fades to green as spring arrives, and it's one thing about the south that will always happily amaze me.

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