Thursday, December 15, 2011

Jury's still out

Sweater: Anthropologie
Skirt: JCPenney
Socks: Target
Boots: Target

The photo above is how I feel about this outfit. I'm kind of blah about it, but in a way I'm glad because I rarely photograph outfits I don't like. Which is why there are sometimes long gaps between my posts! I have to admit, though, that this outfit looks better in the pictures than it does in the mirror. Which is strange because Allison and Katy have both discussed the opposite effect. I'll admit that better-on-the-body-than-in-the-photos effect has happened to me before, but I try to avoid mentioning it because what's the point? You guys don't see in real life! You have to go off the photographic evidence, just like on CSI: Miami. So call Horatio in and tell me what the evidence states: is this outfit good or bad?

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