Friday, December 30, 2011

From jeggings to Olympics

Necklace: handmade gift from T.
Sweater: gift from parents
Jeans: Old Navy
Boots: Target

I'm really excited to bring you guys my final outfit post of 2011. Yesterday was my last planned post, but my social calendar (aka my curling calendar) changed and I had time to run out of work and grab some shots of this outfit just as the sun was setting. I'm glad too, because this outfit is evidence of my first time wearing jeggings, my first time wearing coloured denim, and the elusive black turtleneck from my shopping diet. And my parents got it for me! I couldn't have picked a better one because this one is a sweater but it's not itchy or really thick, and it has a nice pattern but isn't cable knit. Perfect.

Tomorrow I'll be in Charlotte for a small bonspiel (my club's first time hosting one!) and I have a 2011 recap post sitting in the queue. I'll likely be back on January first with an outfit post, but if not then definitely Monday because T. and I are going to some fancy yarn store or somesuch. Perfect venue. Also probably buying nail polish, because we only have about 150 bottles between the two of us and that's definitely not enough. That's a good start to 2012, right? And then my official countdown to the London Olympics will officially BEGIN.

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